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Bars that keep you full to beat the September heat

15 May 2024

As the September sun intensifies, it's essential to stay nourished and hydrated. But did you know your snacks, particularly energy bars, can be your secret weapon against the heat?

The Science Behind Staying Satiated in the Heat

The Role of Nutrition in Thermoregulation: The body's ability to cool itself can be influenced by what you eat. Energy-dense foods like energy bars can provide sustained fuel without overheating the body.

The Perils of Empty-Calorie Snacks: Snacks devoid of essential nutrients can lead to quick energy crashes, making you feel even more exhausted in the heat. Pull quote: "When September heat challenges, respond with the cooling embrace of energy bars.

Energy Bars: The Heat-Beating Champions

Prolonged Satiety: With a mix of proteins, fibers, and healthy fats, energy bars can keep you full for longer, reducing the need for constant snacking.

Nutrient-Packed Goodness: Beyond Food energy bars, for example, are crafted to deliver a holistic nutrient experience, ensuring you remain energized even under the scorching sun.

Pairing Energy Bars for Optimal Hydration

Bars & Beverages: A Dynamic Duo

Combine your energy bars with hydrating drinks like coconut water or herbal iced teas. This pairs nourishment with hydration, an essential combo in the heat.

Iced Herbal Teas: Green or chamomile tea served cold, can be the perfect companion to a nutty energy bar. The antioxidants in the tea complement the nutrients in the bar. 

Fresh Fruit Smoothies: Blend in some seasonal fruits with a dash of yogurt, and you have a partner for your fruity energy bar variant. This combination ensures you’re getting both macro and micronutrients.

Cold Brew Coffee: For those who need that caffeine kick, a cold brew can be the right match. The bitter tones of the coffee can balance out sweeter energy bars, giving a delightful taste palette.

Beyond Just Satiety: Other Benefits of Energy Bars

Portable and Mess-free: September outings, be it for work or leisure, are more convenient with easy-to-carry energy bars.

A Healthier Alternative: Swap those fried, oily snacks with energy bars to feel light and refreshed.

Embrace the Beyond Food Advantage: Beyond Food ensures that their energy bars are not just snacks. They're a promise of quality, taste, and health, making them perfect companions for your September adventures.

Energy Bar Ingredients: The Key to Combating Heat

Natural Sweeteners Over Sugar Highs: While many snacks use refined sugars leading to quick energy spikes and subsequent crashes, quality energy bars opt for natural sweeteners like dates or honey, offering a steady release of energy.

Seeds and Nuts: Nature's Coolants: Many energy bars contain flaxseeds, chia seeds, or almonds—nature’s coolants. They not only provide essential nutrients but also have properties that can help in cooling the body.

The Versatility of Energy Bars in September

A Companion for Outdoor Activities: Planning a hike or a day at the beach? Energy bars can easily fit into your backpack or tote, making them an ideal on-the-go snack.

The Perfect Workday Snack: The September heat can often lead to afternoon slumps, especially during work. An energy bar can be the perfect pick-me-up snack, keeping you productive.

Dietary Considerations: There’s an Energy Bar for Everyone

Gluten-Free and Vegan Choices: For those with dietary restrictions, many energy bars on the market cater to gluten-free or vegan diets without compromising on taste.

Low-Sugar Bars for the Health-Conscious: Watching your sugar intake? Brands like Beyond Food offer options with minimal added sugars, ensuring you get all the energy without the sugar crash.

Sustainability and Ethical Snacking: In a world increasingly conscious about environmental impact, choosing snacks should also be a thoughtful decision. Opting for energy bars from eco-friendly brands can be your contribution to sustainable snacking.


Conclusion: Conquering September with Smart Snacking

As September rolls in with its characteristic warmth, gear up with the right snacks. Energy bars not only promise satiety but also a refreshing experience, ensuring you stay ahead of the heat in style.

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Q. How do energy bars help in the heat?

A. They provide steady energy without heating the body.

Q. Can I pair energy bars with drinks?

A. Yes, they go well with iced teas, smoothies, and cold brews.

Q. Are all energy bars similar in nutrition?

A. No, they vary. Some focus on proteins, others on fibers or specific nutrients.

Q. Why choose Beyond Food's energy bars?

A. They offer a blend of taste, health, and eco-consciousness.

Q. Can I consume energy bars daily? 

A. Absolutely! They can be a part of a balanced diet.