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Beyond Food’s Muesli: Comes in 2 rich variety flavours, where every spoonful is a promise of nutrition, taste, and satisfaction. 

Peanut Butter Muesli - Nutty Flavour
  • A hearty blend with 40% rolled oats, 29% nuts, and 15% seeds.
  • 15g protein per serving with milk, naturally sweetened with honey and black raisins.
  • High in fibre, kitchen-crafted, and rich in peanut butter flavour.
Honey Roasted Muesli - Sweetly Satisfying
  • 40% rolled oats with a 29% nut mix, honey-roasted to perfection.
  • 15g protein per serving with milk, high in fibre, and no added sugars.
  • Kitchen-crafted quality for an authentic, crunchy experience.
Sizes Available:
  • 450gm: For personal or small family use.
  • 1kg: For muesli lovers and larger families.

Choose your favourite for a nutritious start to your day!