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Our Story

The story was initiated when we started developing our health and fitness application for regular office-going people to incorporate a healthy routine through structured and nutritious meal plans. The biggest challenge was recommending healthy snacks that people can stick to daily. One must have seen popular fitness platforms and renowned nutritionists guiding people to eat different types of nuts, fruits, and seeds and suggesting adding juices to their diet. These food items are indeed healthy but need more complete nutrition of a meal to fulfil the cravings and deliver balanced nutrition.

We began the journey to search for healthy snack options available in the market and shortlist the most convenient form of packaged food. Energy and Protein bars topped the list by checking all the boxes. These are filled with carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients to get you going for the day!

Few products captured the attention regarding their nutritional profile, others with their natural claims and the rest with their ingredients list. However, the options need more high-quality ingredients. (Believe us as we say this) They are usually made with highly processed foods such as rice crisps to falsely increase the size of the bar and astray the consumers. As a result, these lack quality and taste due to chemically enhanced foods. Another downside is that these products are loaded with unhealthy sugar, making it hard for people trying to lose or maintain weight. Most of the energy bars in the market contain "secret ingredients" such as peanut protein powder, fructooligosaccharides, and apple fibre to enhance the protein and fibre content of the bars in an unhealthy way.

After detailed research and experiencing a massive gap in the market for healthy snack replacement options, the idea to develop our products from scratch struck. The aim was to innovate, manufacture and deliver healthy and tasty products with 100% natural, organic and unprocessed ingredients that are sustainable energy sources. I brainstormed and created a balanced formulation for the products using oats, dates, nuts, seeds, and honey.

We overcame many hurdles, from perfecting the formulation preserving the nutrition and taste in their natural form to shaping it into a bar. We skipped adding pseudo foods or any "secret ingredients" to maintain the claim of natural and healthy products. It took us over six months and approximately hundreds of samples to master the shape of the products and bring the best-in-class product to you!

We present complete meal replacement and whole nutrition products that deserve a place on your kitchen shelf. Take a step in a healthy direction and go "Beyond Food" with our exclusive range - Energy Bar, Mini Energy Bars, Protein Bars, Energy Bites, Nuts, Cookies, Protein Bites, Millet Bars and Nutri Mixtures. Experience the most indulging, delicious, healthy and 100% natural energy bars power-packed with unprocessed ingredients to provide sustained energy.