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Healthy eating during this ICC World Cup

15 May 2024

Cricket fever is on! As the world tunes in to the ICC World Cup, ensure your energy levels match the on-field excitement. Let's dive into the significance of choosing the right snacks, like energy bars, to keep you fueled.


The Need for Nutrition on Game Days 

Emotional Peaks and Valleys 

From breathtaking catches to unexpected wickets, the emotional rollercoaster can be draining. Keep your energy steady with the right food choices. 

Avoid Mindless Munching

Intense matches often lead to endless snacking. Opting for energy bars can be a nutritious and satisfying choice. Pull quote: "This World Cup, make every snack count. Elevate your game-day experience with energy bars.

Why Energy Bars are the Champions of Snacking?

Packed with Nutrients 

Beyond the quick energy, energy bars from brands like Beyond Food provide proteins, fibers, and essential vitamins.

No Mess, All Taste

Easily portable, they’re perfect for those moments when the game's too gripping to leave your seat. 

Complementing Energy Bars: Other Healthy Snack Ideas 

Hydration Heroes

A mix of water, herbal teas, or electrolyte drinks keeps you hydrated during those long match hours. 

Nuts & Seeds Delight

A powerhouse of essential fats and proteins – perfect to munch on during game intervals. 

The Beyond Food Difference

Beyond Food’s energy bars aren't just about calories; they're about nourishing your World Cup moments. Crafted with a balanced mix of nutrients, they’re the ideal game-day companion. 

Understanding the Game-day Environment 

The Social Aspect of Watching Matches

Group watch parties, cheering with friends and family, and the undeniable joy of shared moments over favorite snacks. But in the sea of nachos, chips, and colas, energy bars can be your beacon of health. 

Long Hours Demand Sustained Energy

With matches stretching over several hours, it’s vital to keep your body fueled. Regular snacks might give quick energy spikes followed by crashes, but energy bars release energy steadily. 

Customizing Your Energy Bar Choices 

Pre-match Prep

Choose energy bars rich in protein to keep you full longer. It’s a great way to start the game on a high note. 

Mid-match Recharge

Opt for bars with a good mix of carbs and fiber. This provides both immediate energy and ensures you’re fueled for the rest of the game. 

Post-match Reflection

Go for bars loaded with nuts and seeds. Reflect on the game's highlights with a snack that's light yet filling. 

The Health Benefits Beyond Energy 

Supporting Mental Focus

The nutrients in energy bars, especially Omega-3 from ingredients like flaxseeds, can help in maintaining better focus and concentration during nail-biting matches. 

Boosting Metabolism

Consistent energy levels mean a consistent metabolic rate. With energy bars, you're not just feeding your hunger; you're optimizing your metabolism. 

Embracing a New Tradition

Traditions play a significant role in our sports-viewing experiences. From wearing lucky jerseys to sitting in that one “lucky” spot, it's these little rituals that make game days special. This ICC World Cup season, why not begin a new tradition? The tradition of mindful snacking. By choosing energy bars, you're not just prioritizing your health but also embracing a snack that mirrors the discipline, preparation, and excellence displayed on the cricket field. As the stadium roars with the clash of the cricket titans, let your snack choice reflect a personal win, setting the tone for many more tournaments and matches to come. 

A Word on Sustainability

Watching global events like the ICC World Cup reminds us of our global responsibility. Brands like Beyond Food not only provide nutrient-packed energy bars but often are eco-conscious, ensuring your snack choice is also Earth-friendly. 

Wrapping Up: A Winning Strategy for the World Cup

As the teams strategize on the field, ensure you have a game plan too—for your health. With energy bars in your snack lineup, you're poised for a nutritious win this ICC World Cup! Gear Up for the ICC World Cup with Beyond Food’s Energy Bars!


1. Why are energy bars ideal for the ICC World Cup watch?

They provide sustained energy, perfect for long matches. 

2. Can energy bars replace my regular match snacks?

Yes, they're a healthier alternative to many traditional snacks. 

3. How do Beyond Food energy bars stand out?

They balance taste with essential nutrients for a fulfilling snack experience. 

4. Are energy bars only about boosting energy?

No, they also support focus, metabolism, and overall health. 

5. Can I consume energy bars beyond game days?

Absolutely! They're great for daily snacking, workouts, and more.