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Pairing Suggestions: Recommendations on what beverages or other foods go well with the food bars.

15 May 2024

Protein energy bars have become an essential snack for many, offering both convenience and nutrition. But have you ever wondered what beverages or foods could elevate your bar-eating experience? Let's explore some delightful pairings that complement the rich flavors of these bars.


Pairing Suggestions: Enhancing Your Protein Energy Bars Experience

Beverages that Complement Protein Energy Bars

Food Pairings to Elevate Your Snack Time

Exploring Flavors: The Art of Pairing

Seasonal Pairings: Making the Most of the Moment

Beyond Food: Not Just Another Protein Bar

Why Beyond Food Bars?




Beverages that Complement Protein Energy Bars


1. Coffee 

A steaming cup of coffee can be a great companion to your protein bar, especially if it's a chocolate or mocha-flavored one. The bitterness of the coffee contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of the bar.


2. Green Tea

For those who prefer a lighter beverage, green tea can be a refreshing choice. Its subtle flavors can balance out the richness of nutty or fruity bars.


3. Almond Milk

If you're enjoying a protein energy bar post-workout, pairing it with almond milk can provide additional nutrients and a creamy texture that complements the bar's chewiness.


4. Smoothies 

Blend up your favorite fruits, throw in some spinach or kale, and enjoy it with your bar for a wholesome snack.


Food Pairings to Elevate Your Snack Time


1. Fresh Fruits

The natural sugars in fruits like berries, bananas, or apples can enhance the taste of protein bars, especially those with a chocolate or vanilla base.


2. Greek Yogurt

The tanginess of Greek yogurt can be a delightful contrast to the sweetness of the bar, making for a balanced snack.


3. Nuts and Seeds

Add a crunch to your snack time by pairing your bar with almonds, walnuts, or chia seeds. It not only adds texture but also boosts the nutritional value.


Exploring Flavors: The Art of Pairing

Understanding the flavor profile of your protein energy bar can help in choosing the perfect pairing.


1. Chocolate-Based Bars

For bars with a rich chocolatey flavor:

Beverage: Red wine or dark roast coffee.

Food: Strawberries or almonds.


2. Fruity Bars


For bars infused with fruity flavors:

Beverage: White wine or herbal tea.

Food: Cheese slices or dark chocolate.


3. Nutty Bars

For bars with a dominant nutty taste:

Beverage: Chai tea or craft beer.

Food: Dried fruits or honey drizzle.


Seasonal Pairings: Making the Most of the Moment

Seasonal ingredients can add a fresh twist to your protein energy bar experience.


1. Summer

Beverage: Iced tea or cold brew coffee.

Food: Fresh berries or mango slices.


2. Autumn

Beverage: Pumpkin spice latte or apple cider.

Food: Sliced apples with cinnamon or roasted pumpkin seeds.


3. Winter

Beverage: Hot cocoa or mulled wine.

Food: Pomegranate seeds or roasted chestnuts.


4. Spring

Beverage: Floral teas like chamomile or rose.

Food: Freshly sliced avocados or cherry tomatoes.


Beyond Food: Not Just Another Protein Bar

Beyond Food stands out in the vast market of energy bars. Their commitment to quality, taste, and nutrition ensures that every bite is an experience in itself.


Why Beyond Food Bars? 

Superior Ingredients: Beyond Food uses only the finest ingredients, ensuring each bar is a nutritional powerhouse.

Diverse Flavors: From fruity to nutty, there's a Beyond Food bar for every palate.

Ethical Production: Beyond Food is not just about taste and nutrition; they're also committed to sustainable and ethical production.



Pairing your protein energy bars with the right beverage or food can transform your snacking experience. Whether you're enjoying a Beyond Food bar post-workout, as a mid-day snack, or as an energy boost during a hike, the right pairing can make all the difference.

Ready to elevate your snacking game? Dive into the world of delightful pairings with Beyond Food protein energy bars today!


Pro Tip: Always ensure your pairings align with your dietary needs and preferences. The right combination can not only enhance taste but also boost nutritional benefits.




1. Q: Can I pair protein energy bars with alcoholic beverages?

 A: Yes, certain alcoholic beverages like wine can complement the flavors of the bars. However, consume in moderation and ensure it aligns with your dietary goals.


2. Q: Are there any pairings to avoid with protein bars?

A: It's subjective and based on personal preference. However, avoid overly sugary drinks with already sweet bars to prevent a sugar overload.


3. Q: How do I choose a beverage based on the bar's texture?

A: For denser bars, opt for lighter beverages like teas. For softer, chewy bars, richer drinks like smoothies or lattes can be a good match.


4. Q: Can I incorporate Beyond Food bars into recipes? 

A: Absolutely! Beyond Food bars can be crumbled over yogurt, blended into smoothies, or even baked into desserts.


5. Q: Are there any vegan pairings for Beyond Food bars?

A: Yes, almond milk, soy milk, vegan wines, and fresh fruits are great vegan pairing options.